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1 Mar 2012,12:44 PM - michale sinclair
hi mate my mate and cousin were at blowering the other week and hardly any one in there tinnys were wearing PFDS funny that they must be stupid or have plenty of cash some people just dont have any commonsense ..

Aust Yellowbelly champs

1 May 2012,12:33 PM - Michael Pedler
A quick thankyou to Craig and the team from Wagga Marine on what we believe was a great weekend at Burrinjuck recently. Although the fishing was a little hard at times Dave Carter and myself managed to stay in the top ten for the weekend and in doing so with the other two Wagga Marine teams gave our beloved 'harro' some great coverage and also managed to catch a couple of fish while having a weekend away.
Burrinjuck was still very dirty over the weekend and I should also say that the mornings were extremely cold, so if any one is looking to fish this dam for yellowbelly or redfin in the near future I recommend sooner than later. Cod should start to come on though very shortly as the dam clears and already the park had reported some large fish being caught.'Harro' has started his new photo competition so every body get on board because there is going to be some great prizes and a organised trip later in the year with possibly some cracker prizes, more to be revealed in weeks to come. So get out on the water and we look forward to seeing some great photos in the weeks ahead.


24 Dec 2012,12:01 PM - Nelso
More like operator error hahahaha
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