Kerryne, not her PB
Peter with his PB Cod

Wagga Marine is owned by Craig (Harro) and Kerryne (the boss) Harris. Harro purchased the business from Rod Cockburn (Wagga Compleat Angler) in October 2006 when he went in to buy a boat but walked away with 20 - much to Kerryne's disbelief.

Harro has had a passion for fishing and boats since he was a kid and has always said from a very young age that he would love to own a boat shop. He has an affinity for fitting boats out that are user friendly, easily accessible, but more importantly, what the customer wants. Harro has, for the past 10 years, earned a reputation for the custom boat fitouts and the wrapping of a lot of boats, which he still loves to do. He also loves the challenge of fitting out big boats and since he has started big game fishing he gets a kick out of working on these bigger boats and loves seeing a boat transform from a good boat into a great boat and a fantastic fishing platform that he would like to use.

Kerryne has been with Wagga Marine since the start, Kerryne has given a female's perspective on where items could or should be positioned or stored. Kerryne is in charge of accounts and keeping the boys in line.

Peter Amos has been with Wagga Marine for over 11 years. Peter is a mad keen fisherman who also has an input on how the boats could or should be fitted out.

Peter also has a passion for clean boats, happy customers and loves his AFL football (Bombers). Peter has a vast knowledge of chandlery and boating accessories. When Peter is not at Wagga Marine, he is either fishing, watching the footy, golfing or watering his garden with a nice cold can of lemonade.

With these great people working with (not at) Wagga Marine, you the  customer, can be assured that the work performed on your pride and joy will be second to none, will be done without fuss, will be performed by some of the best people in the Riverina and will be done as quickly as possible. We only use the top quality products, parts and accessories, we do not skimp on quality, we stick by our quotes and we will work on any size boats, from 3 meter tinnies to 7 meter beasts.

So if you want you boat, fixed, repaired, customised, refurbished, serviced, fitted out or even if you want some questions answered on a thought you had of doing this to your boat, do not hesitate to contact us at Wagga Marine.

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