Saltwater Terrova with iPilot

Riptide® ST
Our rugged new saltwater powerhouse features better performance, standard CoPilot™ and a new foot pedal option. New stow/deploy mechanism lets you move effortlessly in and out of the water.

Simply depress the handle and fall-away ramps effortlessly deploy the motor into the water. The balanced motor design makes stowing easy, and a special master cut-off switch automatically turns the power off when stowed

Go remote with standard CoPilot™.
One of our most popular accessories is now a standard feature on the Riptide® ST. CoPilot™ gives you control of speed, steering and On/Off controls, along with a new high speed by-pass control for instant full power. You can also now activate your AutoPilot™ from anywhere on the boat – including the platform!

You're out there to fish – steering and positioning the boat are just hassles to overcome before you cast your line. The i-Pilot wireless GPS trolling system allows you to control and steer your boat, record productive fishing paths, lock onto a fishing spot, and obtain optimal bait presentation by setting your speed and staying there.

Riptide® ST’s new digitally controlled AutoPilot™ delivers infinitely variable steering adjustments for smoother course corrections and tighter heading accuracy. Point the motor to your desired heading, turn AutoPilot on and experience the ultimate boatcontrol advantage.

Digital Maximizer™.
Up to five times longer run time on a single charge.

Optional Foot Pedal (Sold separately).
New waterproof, low-profile foot pedal with 18’ cord offers precise control. You can activate AutoPilot™ as well as heel/toe or right/left steering, infinite speed adjustments, and momentary/constant On/Off control.

• Advanced Corrosion Protection
• Fully Encapsulated Electronics
• Sacrificial Anode
• Cool, Quiet Power
• Indestructible Composite Shaft

2 year warranty

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